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About JaJe Solar

WUXI JAJE S.T CO.,LTD was established in 2005,is a high-tech enterprises with solar PV product R&D, manufacturing and solar power systems engineering applications, to be the solar modules, solar controller, solar inverters,solar batteries, solar power system as the leading products, the company consists of photovoltaic modules, solar inverter, solar controller, solar battery 4 division, is already one of the China's solar photovoltaic modules and application enterprises.
Customers all over the world, has thousands of customers in China, has been a very good reputation, the company focus on the application of solar photovoltaic modules and solar dissemination of information, create China's first "store model" of the new marketing mode.
The company has a high-quality elite R&D, management team, established a comprehensive research and development center with a first-class level of technology, strong technical service platform, improving the quality of the management...

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With the increasing competition in the market plus forward, the company actively associated with leading research institutes and suppliers to cooperate, such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangnan University, Shanghai Jing Hang, Shanghai I can, Nanjing Yunlong Technology, Jiangxi days can, Shanghai sunny day, SONY Corporation. Meeting with Beijing has recently formed a strategic power to fine partnership in order to provide quality products and services. More exchanges and cooperation will enhance our customer service capabilities and to promote the sound development of the company. Has worked for the Oriental Boat Company in Wuxi, Suzhou Nandasoft company, Jiaxing City, Mr Cooper Computer Corporation, Su Hongji Clean Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Han Yuan Science and Technology shares, Jiangsu University, Shenyang, Guang Liyuan, Chongqing, China University of Technology and a number of units provide a good service.
Jaje company Innovation, collaboration, teamwork, speed of entrepreneurial spirit, constant innovation, pragmatic progressive. Through continuous technical innovation and expansion of production scale, continue to lower the manufacturing costs of solar products, solar energy so that the inexhaustible green energy to millions of human development to create a better tomorrow!

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